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Do you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth?  Do you have a tooth that needs extraction?  Are you wearing a removal prosthesis that makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure?  If so, you’re likely considering your long-term goals and options available to you.  A dental implant from Martins Dental Partners in Beverly, MA may be the perfect solution.

A dental implant is a fantastic, permanent solution that looks just like your natural tooth while restoring normal function and strength to your smile.  When a tooth is lost, forces become distributed on adjacent teeth, weakening healthy teeth and affecting their stability making them more vulnerable to attrition and heavy stresses where loosening and shifting can occur.  If you leave missing teeth unrestored, opposing teeth may over-erupt towards the edentulous space, affecting the periodontal health of the opposing teeth and affecting the stability of occlusion.  In addition, in most cases the adjacent teeth will eventually shift, trying to close the space created by the missing teeth, leading to malocclusion and spaces between adjacent teeth.

By choosing dental implants, you will save your occlusion stability, opposing teeth integrity, adjacent teeth alignment, and periodontal apparatus health.  Dental crowns, bridges, or dentures can be used in combination with a dental implant to replace multiple missing teeth.  Dental implantation surgery is completely painless and is performed under local anesthesia for your comfort.  If an implant cannot be placed immediately following an extraction, a temporary tooth will be placed in the space left by the missing tooth.  After the required healing has taken place, the implant will be topped with a custom-made crown matching your existing teeth.  The final treatment plan will be dependent upon a conversation with Dr. Martins regarding your long-term goals and a thorough review of all of your options.

If you’re missing a tooth you owe it to yourself to consider a dental implant. Implants are the longest-lasting option for tooth replacement because dental implants actually become part of your jawbone making them the only permanent solution to tooth loss.  Other methods of tooth replacement such as removable dentures and bridgework often need to be replaced over time while dental implants last a lifetime! 

If a dental implant sounds like an amazing way to replace your missing tooth, reach out to Dr. Valerie Martins of Martins Dental Partners in Beverly, MA to discuss your options.  Dr. Martins, a Board Certified Periodontist, has placed over 1,000 implants; helping countless patients achieve the healthy, beautiful smile of their dreams.  Call Martins Dental Partners at (978) 288-1946 or visit our website to schedule a complimentary consultation today!

Don’t you want an artificial tooth that both looks and functions just like a real tooth?

Are you an adult dealing with tooth loss? If so, then chances are good you want a restoration that will not only look like natural teeth butdental implants will be able to restore function and strength back into your smile. Martins Dental Partners thinks you deserve just that which is why we offer dental implants.

What exactly is a dental implant?

When people realize that an implant is a small metal post the first thing they often wonder is how that will actually be able to replace a missing tooth. After all, a metal post certainly doesn’t look anything like a real tooth. Of course, the implant itself won’t be visible once it’s placed since it’s embedded into the jawbone where it will take on the role of your tooth roots.

How is a dental implant placed? 

Our Board Certified Periodontist located in the heart of Beverly, MA, Dr. Valerie Martins, will place the implant into the jawbone during a simple dental procedure. Your mouth will be completely under the effects of local anesthesia so everything will be numb. This means that you won’t feel any discomfort while your implant or implants are being placed.

Once the implant is placed, the hard part is now over. Next, we just give the jawbone the time it needs to heal. Over the course of a few months, the bone will heal and grow around the implant, making it a permanent dental restoration. The implant is the most reliable and strongest foundation from which to support a false tooth and to hold it firmly in place.

Depending on the type of dental implant you get, the implant may also contain an abutment on top of it or the abutment will need to be placed later on. An abutment sits above the gums and attaches to the top of the implant. From there, a dental crown can then be placed over the abutment. The entire purpose of an abutment is to connect the implant with the dental crown.

Martins Dental Partners is a multi-specialty General & Cosmetic Dental Practice located at 130 Cabot Street in beautiful Beverly, MA. Our mission is to perfect the Dental experience.  We believe a relaxing & enjoyable dental visit is possible and strive to exceed any expectations you have regarding a visit to the Dentist.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Valerie Martins, Dr. Sukhpreet Heer or Dr. Suzanne Fisher please, call (978) 288-1946 or request an appointment using our website.

1. Most like natural teeth: Your natural teeth have roots that keep them securely anchored to your jawbone. In a similar way, implant teeth form a solid attachment with the bone in your jaw. This is possible because dental implants are made of titanium, a metal that has a unique ability to fuse to living bone. After an implant has become solidly fused to your bone, your implant-supported replacement tooth (or teeth) will feel completely natural and be visually indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

2. The longest-lasting tooth replacements: Because dental implants actually become part of your jawbone, they provide a permanent solution to tooth loss. Whereas other methods of tooth replacement, including removable dentures and bridgework, may need to be replaced or remade over time, properly cared-for dental implants should last a lifetime making this choice of tooth replacement the best long-term value.

3. Able to prevent bone loss: You may not know it, but bone loss inevitably follows tooth loss. Bone is a living tissue that needs constant stimulation to rebuild itself and stay healthy. In the case of your jawbone, that stimulation comes from the teeth. When even one tooth is lost, the bone beneath it begins to resorb, or melt away. This can give your face a prematurely aged appearance and even leave your jaw more vulnerable to fractures if left untreated long enough (View Example). Dental implants halt this process by fusing to the jawbone and stabilizing it. No other tooth replacement method can offer this advantage.

4. Safe for adjacent natural teeth: Dental implants have no effect on the health of adjacent natural teeth; other tooth-replacement systems, however, can weaken adjacent teeth. With bridgework, for example, the natural teeth on either side of a gap left by a missing tooth must provide support for the dental bridge. This can stress those adjacent teeth and leave them more susceptible to decay. Likewise, a partial denture relies on adjacent natural teeth for support and may cause those teeth to loosen over time. Dental implants are stand-alone tooth replacements that don't rely on support from adjacent natural teeth.

5. Easy to care for: Caring for implant teeth is no different than caring for your natural teeth. You must brush them and floss them daily. But you'll never have to apply special creams and adhesives, or soak them in a glass overnight, as you would with dentures. They'll also never need a filling or a root canal, as the natural teeth supporting bridgework might. While implants can never decay, they can be compromised by gum disease. Good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dental office for professional cleanings and exams is the best way to prevent gum disease, and to ensure your dental implants last a lifetime, as they're designed to do.

Q: Is dental implant surgery painful?
A: Most people find dental implant surgery very easy to tolerate. Any post-operative discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or OTC pain-relievers. Ice can also be helpful.

Q: Are dental implants expensive?
A: At the outset, implants are more expensive than other tooth-replacement methods such as dentures or bridgework. But they also last many years longer and in fact should never need replacement. So they offer the best, most cost-effective option when viewed as a long-term investment in your health, comfort and well-being.

Q: Can my body reject a dental implant?
A: Strictly speaking, implants can't be rejected because they contain no living cells or genetically coded material. The titanium of which they are made is completely biocompatible, and allergies are extremely rare. But an implant can fail to integrate with the jawbone if an infection develops in the absence of good oral hygiene, or if it is subjected to biting forces too soon. However, this is rare; implants regularly achieve success rates in excess of 95%.

Q: Am I a candidate for dental implants?
A: There's a good chance that you are, but this can only be determined after a complete oral examination by Dr. Martins that includes x-rays of your jaws. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to begin the exciting process of restoring your smile and bite.

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Of all the options available to replace missing teeth, dental implants are the best. There is no other tooth-replacement option that will give you a longer-lasting result.

Our Fall Implant Special ($500 off your first implant) & 0% Interest Financing make it a great time to call us at (978) 279-2400 or email us to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Valerie Martins.  Come see if you're a candidate for Dental Implants and a natural-looking, lifelong smile!

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant takes the form of a small, screw-shaped titanium post that replaces the root-part of a missing tooth. The surgical procedure Dr. Martins uses to place an implant is actually quite minor and routine, requiring only local anesthesia in most cases. After a healing period, the implant is topped with a crown custom-made to match your existing natural teeth. Implants have a documented success rate of over 95%, which is significantly higher than any other tooth-replacement option.

How do Implants Work?

During a minor surgical procedure, your dental implant is inserted directly into the jawbone in the space vacated by the missing tooth. It will then be left to heal for a period of months before the final crown is attached. During this healing period, the implant actually fuses to the bone surrounding it.

Tooth Replacement Options Using Dental Implants

Implants Replace One Tooth:

Replace One Tooth — When you have one tooth missing, a single implant is inserted into the bone to replace the root part of that tooth; a crown then goes on top to simulate an actual tooth. This treatment choice has the highest success rate, making it the best long-term investment for replacing a single missing tooth. Even if the initial cost is slightly higher than other options, implants can easily last a lifetime making them the most cost-effective solution over time. An implant will never decay or need root canal treatment, and feels just like the tooth that was there.

Implants Replace Multiple Teeth:

Replace Multiple Teeth — When you have more than one tooth missing, implants again provide an ideal replacement solution. You don't even need one implant for every missing tooth. Instead, implant teeth can act as supports for fixed bridgework. For example, if you are missing three teeth in a row, Dr. Martins can place two implants, one on either side of the gap, and a crown in between that has no implant underneath.

Implants Replace All Teeth:

Replace All Teeth Permanently — Implants can support an entire arch of upper or lower replacement teeth that are fixed into the mouth and never removed. Sometimes the new teeth can be supported by as few as 4 implants. It's comparable to the structure of a table, which only needs 4 legs to hold it up. In cases where jawbone density and volume have deteriorated, 5 or 6 implants might be needed to support a row of 10 to 12 teeth.

Implants Support Removable Dentures:

Support Removable Dentures — Implants can even make removable dentures more comfortable, effective and healthier to wear. Traditional dentures rest on the gums and put pressure on the underlying bone. This accelerates bone loss so that the jaw shrinks and the dentures slip, particularly on the bottom. But Dr. Martins can attach a removable denture onto implants, transferring that pressure into the bone structure rather than the gums surface. This prevents the dentures from slipping while you eat and speak, and preserves the bone directly beneath them.

Why Choose Martins Dental Partners?

As a Board Certified Periodontist who has placed over 1,000 implants, Dr. Martins is a specialist with the advanced training & certifications you're looking for when considering a single dental implant, a complete smile makeover or anything in between.

Call us at (978) 288-1946 or email us to schedule your complimentary consultation today and experience the difference!

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Many first impressions are based heavily on a person’s smile. Not only does a genuine smile broadcast a sense of confidence and positivity, but a set of pearly whites can also show that one puts work into and cares about the way their peers perceive them. Unfortunately, consistent dental hygiene isn’t always enough to deter periodontal disease and tooth decay. As a result, dental implant Dental Implantsprocedures have become a popular option to restore teeth to their former glory. At Martins Dental Partners, located on Cabot Street in Beverly, Dr. Valerie Martins and Dr. Sukhpreet Heer have established themselves as a powerhouse team for placing & restoring dental implants.

 Here are a few reasons dental implants can keep you smiling for years to come:

  • As good as new: After an extraction, implants, can be embedded into the jaw to restore a lost tooth to look and function exactly as its natural counterpart. No one will be able to tell a difference.
  • Long-lasting and reliable: You can say goodbye to cavities with dental implants. The material used to construct these implants are not vulnerable to regular decay from plaque and bacteria. While dental implants may require occasional adjustments, if properly embedded and cared for, they have the potential to last a lifetime.
  • Preserve existing bone: Empty spaces left by extractions can overtime cause even more problems. When not supporting a tooth, the jawbone will gradually deteriorate. Dental implants ensure that the jaw remains strong and firm, and protect other teeth from moving to fill the missing space. 
  • Retain your articulation: Anyone who has worn a retainer knows how difficult it makes articulating one’s speech. This is only amplified with more serious tools like dentures, which can lead to anxiety about communicating with others. Because high-quality dental implants are so firmly secured, they have no effect on one’s speech.
  • Stay confident: No smile looks more confident than on someone who knows their teeth look great and will stay that way. A beautiful smile can help lead to meeting more people, getting jobs, and an overall feeling of happiness.

Contact Dr. Martins or Dr. Heer at (978) 288-1946 to schedule an appointment to learn more about dental implants. There’s no longer any need to be ashamed of one’s smile.

Visit Matins Dental Partners for exceptionally relaxing General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly, Massachusetts.