Invest in Your Long-Term Dental Wellness in Beverly, MA

While immediate smile improvements are important, so are long-term wellness goals.

Our Beverly, MA dental practice is committed to helping you understand, restore, enhance, and maintain optimal dental health throughout your life. Communication is important to us. We take time to understand your concerns and goals.

In addition to communication, we strive to provide the highest levels of comfort and convenience for you and your family. You’ll enjoy an amazing patient experience with:

  • Extended hours, including weekends
  • Full range of dental services
  • Multiple forms of dental sedation
  • Comfort amenities like TVs in our care rooms

To visit a dental practice where your long-term wellness goals are important, call Martins Dental Partners at (978) 288-1946.

From Basic to Specialized, Get the Dental Services You Need

With our dentists’ skills, we can provide virtually all of your family’s dental needs. For example, Dr. Valerie Martins can both place and restore dental implants. Some general dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon for implant placement. As a board-certified periodontist, Dr. Martins can also perform multiple oral surgery procedures, including gum grafts, bone grafts, and sinus lifts.

In addition to many oral surgery procedures and dental implants, you’ll find at our office:

  • General dentistry, including dental exams and cleanings
  • Cosmetic dentistry, including dental veneers and Invisalign clear braces
  • Restorative dentistry, including root canals and dental crowns
  • Teeth removal, including wisdom teeth extractions
  • TMJ treatment
  • Dentures

From Booking to Payment, Enjoy an Amazing Experience

We make it as easy and pleasant as possible for your family to visit our Beverly, MA dentists. Our team will greet you with friendly smiles and an electronic tablet – not a clipboard – for filling out “paperwork.” You’ll enjoy:

  • Free parking at the lot right across the street
  • A location convenient to several local schools
  • Advanced technology like digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and flat-screen monitors for sharing images of your mouth with you
  • Multiple ways to pay for your services, including flexible payment plans
  • Ability to choose different levels of dental sedation
  • New patients will receive a $100 credit to their account to be applied to a service not covered by insurance.

To book an appointment at our Beverly, MA dental practice or for more information on any of our services, call (978) 288-1946.

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