Professional Teeth Whitening Gives You a Brighter Smile Than Drugstore Products

You’ll find shelves full of teeth whitening products at just about any drugstore. Despite the many options, none of them is as effective as our whitening treatments. Here’s why:

  • The products we use are formulated with higher concentrations of whitening agents.
  • We create customized whitening trays for you so it’s easy to cover your teeth surfaces and avoid irritating gums.
  • You can get an especially big smile improvement by letting us whiten your teeth in our office, then provide you with custom trays and professional-strength gel to maintain your bright smile at home.
  • We’re always available if you have questions or need help.

Our Other Smile Improvements Can Give You a More Beautiful Smile

Once you whiten your teeth, you might be inspired to make other smile improvements. We offer cosmetic dentistry to address every aspect of your smile. Our dentists can:

  • Conceal flaws with veneers, tooth bonding, or dental crowns
  • Straighten teeth with Invisalign clear braces
  • Beautify gums with gum reshaping or gum recession treatments
  • Change the size and shape of teeth with teeth contouring

You can combine cosmetic and restorative dental treatments for a complete smile makeover. Our dentists can even create wax models for you so you can preview what your smile improvements will look like.

Interested in teeth whitening in Beverly? Call 978-288-1946 or schedule online. Our dentists are members of the American Dental Association and the Massachusetts Dental Society.