Take the Edge Off With Our Sedation

Laughing gas is the lightest form of sedation. It’s a colorless, odor-free gas mixed with oxygen that you inhale through a small mask. It’s safe enough to be used for children. Its effects are well-known because dentists have used it for about 100 years.

This minimal form of sedation keeps you feeling calm and comfortable throughout your procedure, as we can easily adjust the amount you receive. It takes effect quickly and wears off quickly too. Its effects don’t last as long as other forms of sedation. You should even be able to drive yourself home from your appointment!

For a deeper level of relaxation, you can take an oral sedative. The types of medication we use for this moderate form of conscious sedation are safe and rarely produce unwelcome side effects. You’ll remain deeply relaxed but completely conscious, so you can easily communicate with our dentists throughout your procedure. You’ll be groggy afterward, so you’ll need to arrange for a ride home.

Sedation Can Ease Many Procedures

Even if you’re not especially anxious, sedation dentistry can make it more comfortable to receive treatment if:

  • You’re undergoing oral surgery or a lengthy procedure
  • Your mouth or teeth are highly sensitive
  • You have a sensitive gag reflex
  • It’s difficult for you to remain still for extended periods

Call 978-288-1946 to discuss your dental sedation options in Beverly. You can also schedule an appointment online. In addition to Beverly, we welcome patients from nearby communities like Peabody, MA, Danvers, MA, and Salem, MA. Our office is located near Odd Fellows’ Hall in Beverly Center. We’ll pay for your parking in the Franklin/Washington lot across from our office.