Choose From Multiple Options for Replacing Teeth

Nothing hurts the look and function of your smile more than missing teeth. Since every situation is different, our dentists offer multiple options for replacing them. Your choices include:

  • A dental bridge for replacing a single tooth or several missing teeth
  • Dentures, full or partial
  • Dental implants, the most versatile tooth replacement because they can be used with crowns, bridges, or dentures

Implants feel, look, and function more like your natural teeth than other tooth replacements. Our expert implant dentist, Dr. Valerie Martins, has placed more than a thousand implants. She can even perform restorative dentistry procedures in which you get your implants and new teeth in a single appointment.

Solve Your Dental Problems, From Cavities to Cracked Teeth

Many kinds of dental damage not only affect your smile’s functionality; they also cause you pain. To relieve your discomfort, you can get:

  • A Root Canal – Your dentist removes infection from the interior of your tooth during this procedure so you can keep the tooth structure intact.
  • A Tooth Filling – We stop decay with a filling. For larger cavities, we’ll use an inlay, an onlay, or a crown.
  • A Dental Crown – A crown repairs many kinds of damage, including extensive decay, breaks, and cracks. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes such as covering stains.

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