Fix Dental Damage With Other Options

We often use dental implants for a full-mouth restoration. However, if implants aren’t for you, your other options for replacing teeth include traditional dentures – full or partial – and a dental bridge. Because it’s almost always preferable to preserve your natural tooth structure when possible, our dentists can:

  • Perform a root canal on an infected tooth
  • Use dental crowns to repair severely decayed, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Use dental veneers to cover wear and tear or flaws like chips

Stay Relaxed With Sedation During Any Procedure

Some restorative dental procedures can be longer and more involved than other treatments. You may want to receive dental sedation so you’ll stay relaxed. Because we have dentists trained to administer two kinds of sedation, you can choose your level of relaxation – anywhere from a mild euphoria to a deeper relaxed state that may have you nodding off.

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