Our Beverly, MA Dentists Put Your Dental Fears to Rest

Afraid of the dentist? You don’t have to be anymore. At Martins Dental Partners, empathy is just as important to us as efficiency. Every time you visit our Beverly, MA dentist office, our focus is on providing you a comfortable and stress-free experience. At our practice, you’ll enjoy:

  • Patient-friendly technology like digital X-rays and intraoral cameras
  • Completely private care rooms
  • Two dentists who take time to answer every question and address every concern
  • Three types of sedation, so you can choose the one most appropriate for your procedure and your anxiety level
  • Extended hours, so you can come in at quiet times
  • TVs and headphones, so you can tune out sounds of the office and watch Netflix while we work

The first step in putting your dental fears behind you is making an appointment! Call 978-288-1946.

Keep Calm & Stay Informed

People often feel anxious at the dentist when they don’t understand what’s going on and feel their treatment is out of their control. At Martins Dental Partners, you’re treated as a partner, not just a patient. One tool we use to keep you in the loop is our intraoral cameras. Our dentists use the handheld cameras to capture images inside your mouth. Then they can share the images with you on the flat-screen monitors in our care rooms. This often makes it easier to understand your treatment options.

Multiple Sedation Options Will Soothe You

Every dental procedure is different. We understand you may want different levels of calm to match the treatment you’ll receive. So you can choose from three types of sedation, all of which can relax you to different degrees. They are:

  • Inhaled sedation, or “laughing gas,” which takes the edge off with a mildly euphoric feeling
  • Oral sedation, which keeps you conscious but completely relaxed
  • IV sedation, which puts you in a sleeplike state

No matter which type of sedation you choose, you’ll be closely monitored throughout your treatment. Don’t be afraid of the dentist! Call Martins Dental Partners at 978-288-1946 for a soothing visit.

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