Get Your Smile Back With Dentures in Beverly, MA

Missing teeth can have a devastating effect on your appearance and your oral function. Your face looks older because of the “sunken-in” look your cheeks get without teeth to help fill them out. Plus, your inability to chew food restricts your diet. Replacing lost teeth is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Beverly dentures are a reliable and cost-effective way of doing so. Compared to some other replacement teeth, they are:

  • More affordable
  • Less invasive
  • More versatile

Not only that, but the newest types of dentures can be anchored to your jaw with dental implants, which keeps them securely in place. Implant dentures look, feel, and function more like your natural teeth than replacement teeth that rest on top of your gums. To talk to one of our dentists about implant dentures or other ways of replacing teeth, call us today at 978-288-1946. Also, be sure to ask how new patients can get a $100 credit to their account.

Dental Implant Dentures Offer Added Security

One of the biggest advantages of dental implant dentures is their stability. Because they’re anchored in place with implants, your new teeth won’t slip or shift in your mouth. You won’t be embarrassed by displaced dentures again! In addition:

  • They give you a bite nearly as strong as your own.
  • You won’t need messy adhesives anymore.
  • They’re so comfortable you may forget you even have them.
  • They’ll keep your jaw strong and healthy.
  • You can choose replacement teeth you can remove from implants yourself or ones that only your dentist can remove.

Dr. Valerie Martins, a board-certified periodontist, has placed more than a thousand dental implants. Thanks to her expertise, you can even receive your implants and your replacement teeth in a single appointment. If you prefer traditional replacement teeth, you can choose full dentures or partial dentures. You can also get temporary dentures to wear while your mouth heals following the removal of teeth. Never be without your smile again!

To schedule a Beverly dentures consultation with one of our dentists, call 978-288-1946 now or contact us online.