Same-Day Smile in Beverly, MA Gives You a New Smile in One Day

If you’re worried about the length of time involved in replacing teeth with dental implants, you don’t need to be. Thanks to Dr. Valerie Martins’ expertise with implants and our advanced technology like cone beam computed tomography, you can get implants and replacement teeth in a single appointment. Never be without teeth again!

With a same-day smile, you’ll:

  • Get two complete arches of replacement teeth, one in your upper jaw and another in your lower jaw
  • Enjoy normal oral function right away
  • Be able to smile confidently, with no gaps in your grin
  • Keep your jaw strong and healthy, since implants stimulate your jaw in a way similar to your natural tooth roots

To see if you’re a candidate to receive implants and new teeth in one procedure, call Martins Dental Partners at (978) 288-1946. If you’re anxious about the procedure, you can get dental sedation.

Get Same-Day Dental Implants From an Expert Dentist

Periodontists are experts in treating gum disease. But they are also experts in using dental implants to replace teeth lost to disease. Dr. Martins, a board-certified periodontist, has placed more than a thousand dental implants in her career. For same-day dental implants, she often uses a procedure called All-on-4®, attaching a full arch of teeth to just four implants. She uses our cone beam computed tomography’s 3D imaging technology to identify the strongest areas of your jaw for implant placement.

You can even get the procedure on the same day she extracts teeth to make room for your new teeth. The teeth you’ll receive will be temporary but fully functional. You will wear the temporaries while your implants heal completely, then you’ll return to our Beverly, MA dentist office for your final teeth. With the Teeth In A Day® procedure, we can also provide brand-new fixed teeth – not dentures – that attach to your implants.

You can eat all your favorite meals. You’ll enjoy chewing strength nearly equal to your natural teeth. And because your new teeth leave your palate exposed, you’ll be able to really taste your food.

To find out more about a same-day smile, call (978) 288-1946.

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