Your Teeth Cleanings Will Help You Build Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Cleanings are a great opportunity for your dentists and hygienists to educate you about the connection between your oral health and your overall health. We’ll talk to you about oral hygiene techniques to use at home. We’re also happy to discuss the general, restorative, and cosmetic dental options available to you, so we can work together to create a personalized lifetime treatment plan. You’re a partner, not just a patient, at our dentist office. As part of your plan, we may recommend preventive dental services like:

  • Fluoride treatments, to strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent cavities
  • Dental sealants, to provide an added layer of anticavity protection in areas like the back teeth
  • Deep cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing, to treat gum disease in its earlier stages

To book Beverly dental cleanings for your family, call Martins Dental Partners today at 978-288-1946 or schedule online. We’re located near several schools, including Beverly High School, Shore Country Day School, and St. Mary, Star of Sea Elementary School.