Restore Your Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Beverly, MA

Stats Image Over 2 million implant crowns are made every year. Source.
No matter what kind of dental damage your smile has suffered, our dentists can usually fix it with Beverly dental crowns and bridges. Crowns are among the most versatile dental restorations because they can:

  • Replace a missing tooth when used with a dental implant or to support a dental bridge
  • Mend cracks or breaks
  • Cover stains or misshapen teeth to improve your smile’s appearance
  • Restore oral functionality so you can eat whatever you’d like
  • Repair severely decayed teeth

In addition, if your cavity is too big for a tooth filling but not large enough for a crown, our dentists can mend it with an inlay or an onlay. Call 978-288-1946 to see which dental restoration is right for you.

Use Crowns & Bridges With Implants For Versatile Teeth Replacements

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, we can provide long-lasting replacements using dental crowns. You can get a single crown attached to a single dental implant to replace one tooth. To replace multiple missing teeth, choose a fixed dental bridge supported by implants.

In either case, your implants will be placed by board-certified periodontist Dr. Martins. If you’d prefer, a bridge can be anchored by existing teeth instead of implants. Bridges are convenient because, unlike dentures, they don’t need to be removed for cleaning.

We Work With You to Get the Perfect Look & Fit

Dr. Martins will consult with you on the look, shape, and color of your crown. She’ll take impressions of your teeth to send to an off-site lab, where your dental restoration will be manufactured. She’ll also prepare your tooth for the crown by shaping it and removing damage like decay. You’ll get a temporary crown or bridge to wear until your final restoration is ready.

Most patients remain comfortable with local anesthesia, but you can also get dental sedation if you need it. In addition, you can relax by watching TV or listening to music in our private care room while your dentist works.

For dental crowns and bridges in Beverly, call Martins Dental Partners at 978-288-1946 today or schedule online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns & Bridges

What can dental crowns and bridges be used for?

Dental crowns and bridges are one of the most versatile types of dental restorations. They give you many options for repairing dental damage and replacing missing teeth. A crown can cap a damaged or diseased tooth to strengthen it, or it can be used with an implant to replace a tooth. Bridges replace missing teeth by anchoring to your other teeth or to implants.

How long do dental crowns and bridges last?

Most of our patients can expect their crown or bridge to last for approximately five to seven years. Some patients, however, will fall outside this range, either shorter or longer. Much of the durability of a crown or bridge depends on the material it’s made from, its location, the types of food you eat, and your oral care habits.

Does insurance cover dental crowns and bridges?

Your new crown or bridge may be covered in part by your dental insurance. We encourage you to check with your carrier to find out exactly what they will and won’t pay for. Our staff will be happy to work with your insurance company to maximize your benefits and reduce your out-of-pocket cost as much as possible.

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