End Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment in Beverly, MA

Our Beverly, MA dentists can help you with far more than your teeth. If you have a chronic jaw ache, it may be caused by a problem with your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If it is, you can get TMJ treatment from us. Our dentists will fit you for a customized mouthguard that will relieve pressure on your jaw.

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A mouthguard will:

  • Relieve your jaw and facial pain
  • Allow you to enjoy normal function again
  • Stop you from grinding your teeth, which can not only contribute to TMJ problems but can also damage your teeth

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Start With Conservative Treatment for TMJ Pain

Though some dentists will recommend orthodontic or even surgical treatment for TMJ pain, we believe starting with the most conservative options is best. In addition to providing you with a custom mouthguard, we can use a safe facial relaxant to relieve pressure on your TMJ and surrounding muscles. This method of treatment is often effective and doesn’t require making any permanent changes to your jaw. It’s more affordable than more complicated treatments too.

Find Out If You Suffer From TMJ Symptoms

How do you know if you have a TMJ disorder, or TMD? See our dentists right away if you are experiencing these TMJ symptoms:

  • A locked jaw that makes it tough to open or close your mouth
  • A painful jaw
  • Chronic headaches
  • A grating sensation when you chew
  • Difficulty and/or pain when chewing
  • Persistent earaches

We’ll also look for signs of teeth grinding and jaw problems during your regular dental exams. In addition to grinding, other conditions that can cause TMJ trouble include arthritis, a jaw injury, and certain connective tissue diseases.

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