Stop Decay With Tooth Filling Options in Beverly, MA

Like a drip in a faucet or a leaky tire, the best time to deal with a cavity is when you first notice it. If you don’t, you risk it getting worse – and you’ll need to spend more time and money to fix it. Our Beverly, MA dentists can remove all the decay and place a composite filling to prevent any further damage.

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Tooth filling options are better than other restorations in several ways:

  • They are more affordable than crowns
  • It takes less time to fill a cavity than to get a dental crown
  • They keep more of your tooth intact than a crown

We’ll check for signs of cavities during every dental exam. But if you think you have a cavity, call Martins Dental Partners at (978) 288-1946 right away.

Composite Fillings Look Natural & Offer Other Benefits

Our dentists use tooth-colored composite fillings because they blend in easily with your smile. No one will even know you’ve got a filling! There are other advantages to metal-free fillings too. They:

  • Are easier to fix. We can’t repair damage to an amalgam (metal) filling without taking it out and replacing it. However, it’s often possible to fix composite fillings without removing them.
  • Can be used anywhere in your mouth. Composite fillings can be used in spots where metal fillings aren’t an option, such as your front teeth.
  • Present no health risks. The jury is still out on whether the trace amounts of mercury in metal fillings are harmful. That’s not a concern with tooth-colored fillings.

Repair Your Smile With Other Dental Restorations

If your cavity is too big for a dental filling, Dr. Martins can use an inlay or an onlay to fix it. For more severe decay, they’ll cover the whole tooth with a crown. If decay gets into the soft, pulpy part of your tooth and becomes infected, they may be able to save it with a root canal. We try to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, but we can gently remove teeth that are too damaged to save.

For more information on tooth filling options or other restorations, call Martins Dental Partners at (978) 288-1946.

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