Get a Beautifully Straight Smile With Invisalign in Beverly, MA

While most people are happy with how their smile looks after completing treatment with braces, they don’t always feel the same way while they’re wearing them. If you’ve rejected the idea of orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to spend months with a mouthful of metal, Invisalign may be for you!

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Unlike metal braces, most people won’t even realize you’re wearing Invisalign clear braces. In addition, the transparent plastic aligners:

  • Are easy on your teeth and mouth. Most people find it easier to adjust to wearing Invisalign aligners than to braces. There are no metal parts to rub against your mouth and irritate soft surfaces.
  • Won’t restrict your diet. You can remove your aligners when you eat, so you can still enjoy all your favorite foods.
  • Make it easy to take care of teeth. It’s easy to keep your teeth clean because you can take out your aligners to brush and floss.
  • Work faster than braces. The average Invisalign treatment time for adults is 12 months. That’s months shorter than the typical experience with braces.
  • Require fewer trips to our office. Though our dentists will periodically check on your progress, you won’t need to see us as often as you would with braces. And you won’t need uncomfortable adjustments!

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Get a Straighter Smile With Invisalign Clear Braces

Unlike braces, where you won’t see your new smile until they come off, you can actually see your teeth get straighter with Invisalign aligners. Our dentists use sophisticated 3D software to create a treatment plan for you. A special lab manufactures your aligners. You wear each aligner for about two weeks before switching to the next one in the series. Each aligner gently moves your teeth, and you’ll notice your progress.

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