3 Reasons why a Dental Cleaning is NOT Your First
Appointment at Martins Dental Partners

Whether you’ve had a change in insurance or moved to a new area, visiting a dentist for the first time can be slightly intimidating. That’s why your first visit to Martins Dental Partners is focused on getting to know you, before we get to know your teeth.

In fact, there are three specific reasons your first visit with us is not a cleaning:

1. We’d like you to meet your doctor

Visiting your dentist twice a year is often thought of a visit to the hygienist, but it’s actually the dentist that designs your treatment plan. At Martins Dental Partners, your first visit with us is a 45-minute appointment with a dentist which allows you to get to know them, discuss your short-term and long-term goals, ask questions, and ensure you’re comfortable before beginning any treatment.

2. You may have higher priority needs than a cleaning

You may think you simply need a cleaning, but there are times when other, more pressing items should be addressed first — like cavities or a root canal. Or you may have waited a bit too long to visit the dentist, leading to signs of gum disease. Having a comprehensive exam with your dentist during your first visit will provide you and the dentist with the information needed to assess your oral health, collaboratively develop your treatment plan, and ensure you’re on the path to your healthiest mouth.

3. You and your dentist can determine the specific type of cleaning that is best for you

There are a few different options your doctor may recommend in regard to cleaning your teeth. Prior to your first visit, a dentist cannot honestly know which of the three types of cleanings – Prophy, Scaling & Root Planing or Debridement – would be best for you.

• The first; Prophy, is your standard, bread-and-butter cleaning. This is the most common type of cleaning provided to most patients.

• The second; Scaling & Root Planing, is also known as a deep cleaning. This cleaning is done for patients that have signs of gum disease and need bacteria removed from below the gum line and within the gum pockets.

• The Third; Debridement, is a specific cleaning used remove large amounts of tartar which can sometimes make it difficult for the dentist to fully evaluate the current state of your gum health.

By completing a comprehensive exam during your first visit, you and your dentist can confidently agree upon the type of cleaning that best suits you and your individual needs.

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