We hope you never have a cavity, but based on national health figures, more than 90 percent of people reading this will have tooth decay at least once. Knowing this, we want to encourage you to be proactive about protecting your smile from cavities.

Focus On Prevention

The best way to deal with decay is by doing everything you can to prevent it. This is why the American Dental Association encourages you to brush twice daily, to floss every day, and to get professional cleanings regularly. We are happy to provide this service at Martins Dental Partners, and we welcome you to visit us soon.

Take Action If You Discover A Problem

If you notice discoloration or increased sensitivity, don’t wait to get help. During your dental visits with us, we’ll be watching for any signs of decay as well. Whenever we find a problem, we want to treat it as soon as we can. With modern dental fillings, you can restore both the appearance and the function of your tooth. If the cavity grows too large for a filling, a dental crown can repair it.

Avoid The Pain

If decay spreads, it can lead to a tooth infection. This often requires a root canal treatment to repair. In bad cases, the decay can be so bad that a tooth has to be removed and replaced. You can avoid this by seeking help early and by making dental checkups part of your routine.

If you haven’t scheduled your next dental exam yet, it’s time to contact our Beverly, MA office. Call 978-288-1946 or contact us online.