His friends invited him to dinner. They wanted to try a new restaurant.

As much as he wanted to spend time with them, he turned down their invitation. Because of his slippery, loose-fitting dentures, he was feeling too self-conscious about eating in front of other people.

Even carrying on a conversation seemed iffy at times since he never knew when his teeth might come out. On top of that, he wasn’t up to going to a new restaurant when everything he could eat would end up tasting like his denture adhesive.

He wishes he had taken better care of his teeth. Then he wouldn’t be in this situation. He wondered if there was some way he could restore his smile and his ability to eat anything that he wanted.

That’s when he got online and learned about dental implants. He could get them at Martins Dental Partners in Beverly, MA. So, he called 978-288-1946 and scheduled a consultation.

What He Learned

During his initial visit, he had a lot of questions. He’d had his dentures for a few years, not a long time, but long enough to know why he wanted something better — something more like real teeth.

The doctor carefully examined his mouth and his jaw. They even had a fancy machine (cone beam computed tomography) that let them see how much bone was left in his jaw.

The doctor explained that bone loss in the jaw is common when someone loses teeth. By getting dental implants, he could stop that bone loss from getting worse.

Implants replace the roots of his missing teeth — something his traditional dentures did not do. Implants could be placed in his jaw, then his dentures could be attached to the implants. This would hold his dentures securely in place, and he would not need to use any more adhesive!

He also would be able to bite and chew nearly as well as someone with a full set of healthy teeth after he had healed from the implant procedure.

A New Smile In One Day

He also found out that Dr. Martins is a board-certified periodontist. She has personally placed thousands of implants for patients.

She has even trained to use a special technique, call the All-on-4® procedure. This allows her to place just four implants and a temporary arch of teeth on the same day. That way, he can leave with a natural-looking smile, and he can even ever some softer foods.

As he heals, his jawbone will bond directly to his implants (just the roots of real teeth). When he’s fully recovered, he’ll get a set of permanent replacement teeth. By that time, he’ll understand how comfortable and how natural it is to bite and chew with implant-supported teeth.

Would You Like to Feel Confident About Dining Out?

Don’t waste any more time worrying about when your dentures might fall out again. Instead, call Martins Dental Partners at 978-288-1946 or contact us online. Schedule an appointment to find out how implants could do more than improve your smile.