Heidi, a Licensed Dental Assistant, joined Martins Dental Partners after four years of working in the Dental field. Heidi is excited to have found the environment she’s yearned to work in, one that is team centered and cares about working together to create an amazing patient experience. “I enjoy coming to work knowing I’m going to help someone today. I’ve heard many people say they hate the dentist so it brings me happiness when a patient tells me how relaxed they feel at Martins Dental Partners and thank the team and I for our great efforts”.

Heidi primarily works with the restorative dentists assisting patients from start to finish during their dental treatment. Her calm attitude and friendly personality help alleviate any anxiety patients have during their visit and maintain the team focused culture vital to Martins Dental Partners.

Heidi is family-focused and tries to spend as much time as possible with her family, hanging out by the pool and taking her grandmother to her favorite stores and yard sales. She is also a dog mom to two French bulldogs, Coco and Buddha. In her spare time, Heidi enjoys listening to music, dancing, running by the beach, hiking and canoeing.

Q: If you weren’t working for Martins Dental Parters, what would your dream job be?

A: If I was not working for MDP my dream job would be working as a social worker with a minor degree in behavioral health counciling.

Q: Other than MDP, what is your favorite Beverly MA location?

A: My favorite Beverly MA spots are Lynch Park and City Side Diner. In the morning I sometimes go and grab a quick, and wicked cheap breakfast at City Side Diner. I enjoy Lynch Park in the summer time because there’s always some kind of event going on like lobster fest and homecoming. I also think it’s awesome they still host movie nights on the lawn under the dome.

Q: Who is the most influential person in your life?

A: I can’t pick a single person – my parents and my two brothers have all influenced me in different ways. If it was not for watching my parents grow and work to better themselves everyday, and them pushing me to continue with school, I probably would not be an LDA experiencing this awesome opportunity at MDP. My younger brothers were both born with developmental disabilities and autism, and growing up I saw how hard life was for them so they are the influence in me pursuing my education in mental health and social work at SNHU.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A: Save every penny.

Q: If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

A: If I could travel anywhere in the world I would go to Japan. I was just talking with a patient about an upcoming trip to Japan he has planned with his daughter. While in Japan they’re taking the time to hike Mount Fuji, 6 hours up and 5 back down, to see the sunset. That is something I would love to experience!

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