You know that you should go to the dentist, but it’s been more than a little while since your last visit. Was your last professional cleaning before the pandemic? More than a decade ago? Last century?

Regardless of how long it has been or why you haven’t had a dental checkup in years, you are more than welcome to visit our team in Beverly, MA. You deserve to restore your oral health, and our professionals want you to revive your healthy smile.

At Martins Dental Partners, you can get high-quality care from a team that cares about you and your comfort. Experience great general dentistry for yourself. Call 978-288-1946 today to schedule your return appointment with the dentist.

Get Comfortable With Dental Care

A lot of factors can affect how you feel about visiting the dentist. A bad experience can make you hesitant to return to any dental practice. Worries about a painful procedure or concerns about a particular piece of equipment can make you less likely to get the care that you need.

You should know that your comfort is one of our top priorities when you visit our practice. Your state of mind and your physical comfort affect your willingness to get the treatment that you should. Our team is committed to helping you overcome those obstacles.

Advanced technology helps in two ways. First, it allows us to make your dental visits more efficient and effective. Second, it allows us to better assess the condition of your mouth, so we know what services you need to improve and maintain your strong, healthy smile.

For your physical comfort, we offer patient amenities to help you get cozy. However, if you need something more, we can provide different levels of dental sedation. Our training in sedation can give you added confidence that you will get the care your need during a pain-free appointment. 

Count on Complete Care

Whatever your dental needs may be, you can address them at our office.

If you have developed tooth decay or gum disease, you can revive your healthy smile with dental fillings that match the color of your teeth or periodontal treatment.

If you need more extensive restorative treatment, you can rebuild your smile with dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants. You can repair and replace teeth at our practice.

Many people want to have a confident and attractive smile, and you can have the smile of your dreams by taking advantage of our cosmetic services. Whiten your teeth to remove stains. Straighten your smile with Invisalign aligners. Transform your smile with a set of custom-designed dental veneers. You can even combine services for a complete smile makeover.

Our team also has the training, skill, and experience to perform oral surgery at our practice. Dr. Martins is a board-certified periodontist. You can get tooth extractions, bone grafts, ridge augmentations, and sinus lifts right here.

You also can get treated for teeth grinding and TMJ disorders. We can create a special appliance for you to wear while you sleep. This can prevent you from having headaches, jaw pains, jaw stiffness, and other symptoms.

Now Is a Great Time to See Us

Every patient should have a healthy mouth and a confident smile. No matter where you are in terms of your oral health, we want to meet you there and guide you to where you want to be.

At Martins Dental Partners, you will find a home for your oral care needs. You can find the services you need to improve your teeth and to maintain your new smile for decades to come. As you get to know us and our approach to patient care, you can feel more relaxed about making your future appointments.

Call 978-288-1946 or use our online form to request an appointment at Martins Dental Partners in Beverly, MA. We look forward to seeing you soon.