You’ve already got one weekend marked on your calendar. You got another wedding invitation in the mail today … and you may be getting another one if the rumors you heard are correct.

Wedding season is only a few months away. If you are part of a wedding or just planning to attend to show support, you will likely have your picture taken that day, too. (Not as often as the bride and groom, but in the age of social media, photos are posted all the time.)

Knowing this, you’ll want to look your best on the day(s) of the big event(s). Part of that should include having a picture-worthy smile. Through our cosmetic dentistry in Beverly, MA, you can create a better smile in plenty of time for the ceremony and the reception.

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Be Ready To Smile

Whether you are posing for a selfie or sharing in the newlywed’s joy, we hope you feel comfortable smiling on those dates that you’ve saved.

Yet, we’ve met many patients who felt embarrassed or ashamed by the appearance of their teeth. Some come across as sad or angry because they don’t want to smile out of fear someone might judge them based on their smiles. Others will hold a hand, napkin, or anything they can find in front of their mouths anytime they speak. This may hide their teeth, but it also calls attention to the thing they are most concerned about.

If you’ve felt this way, you can change that with cosmetic dental care:

Professional whitening — If you have stained or discolored teeth, professional teeth whitening can go deep and remove the signs of years of drinking coffee and tea, eating colorful foods, or using tobacco. Don’t take chances on store-bought whitening. Get the bright smile you want with professional care.

Dental veneers — Veneers are shells that bond to the front of your teeth. You can get individual veneers to change the appearance of one or a few teeth, or you can get a series of veneers to transform your entire smile. Veneers can conceal a variety of flaws, so you can have the amazing smile you want.

Dental bonding — Bonding is a quick, but effective solution for multiple issues. Bonding can fix chipped teeth, close gaps in your smile, and more. This is a cost-effective solution for many patients.

Dental crowns — While primarily used for restorative care, crowns can provide cosmetic benefits as well. Modern crowns look like natural teeth, which makes them a great option for fixing broken, cracked, discolored, and misshapen teeth.

Share The Joy

Weddings are meant to be celebrations. They are a time when you want to be happy for the couple, and you want to share in the joy of that day. Get your smile ready by visiting Martins Dental Partners before wedding season arrives.

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