How to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Life is busy, and maintaining a healthy smile often falls low on one’s priority lists. However, keeping your smile healthy is crucial to your dental health and overall wellness. Learn more about the best way to keep your smile healthy by taking the time to meet with Dr. Valerie Martins or Dr. Sukhpreet Heer at Martins Dental Partners in Beverly, MA.

The Importance of Regular Dental Examinations

Regular dental exams help you prevent problems before they arise. While many people believe they should only see a dentist if they have tooth pain, regular visits help identify and eliminate problems before the aches or pains even start. Regular hygiene appointments (i.e. cleanings) also remove plaque and tartar built up on the teeth, making maintaining your pearly whites easier.

How can I keep my smile healthy between dental visits?

Seeing your dentist twice a year is only one part of keeping your teeth healthy. Between visits, a strong at-home dental wellness routine helps keep bacteria off of the teeth which decreases your chances of developing cavities and gum disease. For a clean mouth, dentists recommend brushing (Dr. Martins recommends an electric toothbrush) twice a day for two minutes, and following it up with flossing at bedtime. This routine, coupled with your twice yearly dental examinations, will help ensure your mouth remains healthy.

Healthy Teeth in Beverly, MA

Regular dental examinations begin with a conversation to understand your current questions and needs. Once you’re comfortable, Dr. Martins or Dr. Heer will examine each tooth and the gums around it. They will also complete an oral cancer screening at every visit. If necessary, the team will work with you to outline a treatment plan for any issues that are found. They will always address your priorities first and often can accommodate treatment during the same visit. Finally, your visit will conclude with a dental cleaning to remove staining and plaque, and a polish to keep your pearly whites gleaming.

For more information on keeping your teeth healthy, please contact Dr. Martins and Dr. Sukhpreet Heer at Martins Dental Partners in Beverly, MA. Call 978-288-1946 to schedule your appointment today!

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