It can be difficult to know exactly how healthy we are. We often receive healthy reports from our doctors & physicians, yet regularly experience upset stomachs, headaches and other issues that suggest something may be going wrong and our bodies are not in complete harmony. Hidden allergies and Autoimmune disease can often be challenging to identify but can have a severe impact on ones day-to-day life.

Your mouth is a gateway to your body

One way to support your overall wellness is to take great care of your smile. As you know, the body is an intricate, interconnected system. Poor oral health has been linked to inflammation, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and even cancer. Studies show the risk of fatal heart attacks is 8 to 10 times higher in patients with advanced gum disease. It’s also believed that a high percentage of chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease and arthritis may actually originate from oral diseases.

The main part of teeth is called “dentin” and while it appears solid, it is actually made up of tiny “tubules” that, in healthy patients, transport fluids which nourish the tooth. However, tiny organisms hiding in the tubules can move into the interior of the tooth and multiply. Microorganisms shrink to fit small areas and they can survive on small amounts of food. These organisms can become pathogenic and are able to produce serious disease due to their adaptation capabilities.

Risks of Poor Dental Health

Poor oral health’s connection to several body diseases has recently become clear. Germs and harmful bacteria from infections such as decaying teeth, roots, inflamed gum tissues, and tonsils, can metastasize to the heart, eyes, kidneys, lungs, or other organs and tissues. Low-birth weight in babies has also been also linked to gum disease.
One study compared brain samples from ten patients without dementia to ten patients with dementia. The research revealed that there was a link between dementia and chronic periodontal (gum) disease as well as Alzheimer’s.
All cancer patients are asked to have their dead teeth removed because there is compelling evidence of the link between dead teeth and cancer, due to the harmful toxins they release.

A Healthy Smile is an important factor in achieving Full-Body Wellness

Bacterial growth and infections in the mouth affect the entire body, traveling throughout it and causing serious health problems such diabetes, bacterial pneumonia and heart disease. Poor dental health can even result in endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of your heart, when harmful bacteria from your mouth spread throughout your tubules, lymph nodes and bloodstream then attach themselves to damaged areas of your heart.
The mouth is not an isolated system, but an integral part of the immune system. The mouth is closely connected to many parts of the body and a bacterial imbalance or gum disease in the mouth can create immune problems and inflammation in other parts of the body.
The lesson? Taking great care of your smile is an important factor in achieving Full-Body Wellness.
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