Many first impressions are based heavily on a person’s smile. Not only does a genuine smile broadcast a sense of confidence and positivity, but a set of pearly whites can also show that one puts work into and cares about the way their peers perceive them. Unfortunately, consistent dental hygiene isn’t always enough to deter periodontal disease and tooth decay. As a result, dental implant procedures have become a popular option to restore teeth to their former glory. At Martins Dental Partners, located on Cabot Street in Beverly, Dr. Valerie Martins and Dr. Sukhpreet Heer have established themselves as a powerhouse team for placing & restoring dental implants.
Here are a few reasons dental implants can keep you smiling for years to come:

  • As good as new: After an extraction, implants, can be embedded into the jaw to restore a lost tooth to look and function exactly as its natural counterpart. No one will be able to tell a difference.
  • Long-lasting and reliable: You can say goodbye to cavities with dental implants. The material used to construct these implants are not vulnerable to regular decay from plaque and bacteria. While dental implants may require occasional adjustments, if properly embedded and cared for, they have the potential to last a lifetime.
  • Preserve existing bone: Empty spaces left by extractions can overtime cause even more problems. When not supporting a tooth, the jawbone will gradually deteriorate. Dental implants ensure that the jaw remains strong and firm, and protect other teeth from moving to fill the missing space.
  • Retain your articulation: Anyone who has worn a retainer knows how difficult it makes articulating one’s speech. This is only amplified with more serious tools like dentures, which can lead to anxiety about communicating with others. Because high-quality dental implants are so firmly secured, they have no effect on one’s speech.
  • Stay confident: No smile looks more confident than on someone who knows their teeth look great and will stay that way. A beautiful smile can help lead to meeting more people, getting jobs, and an overall feeling of happiness.

Contact Dr. Martins or Dr. Heer at 978-288-1946 to schedule an appointment to learn more about dental implants. There’s no longer any need to be ashamed of one’s smile.
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