If everything goes well, you or someone you care about could have the change to play sports again soon. Regardless of whether you start practice tomorrow or months from today, we want you to be prepared. We want you to wear a custom-fitted athletic mouthguard.

Comfort makes a difference

The mouthguards we make at Martins Dental Partners are molded to fit your teeth. This means they fit better, and they are smaller than the bulky boil-and-bite mouthguards that you’ll find in stores. When your mouthguard is smaller, it’s more comfortable to wear, which means you are more likely to wear it when you should.

Your mouthguard can save your smile

There’s a good reason the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend wearing a mouthguard for all high-impact sports. Wearing one makes you 60 times less likely to suffer a dental injury. Wearing a custom mouthguard offers better protection, too, much like a five-point harness offers better protection for race car drivers than the seat belts in family vehicles.

The right mouthguard is easier to use

Bulky mouthguards can interfere with your ability to breathe and to communicate with coaches and teammates. You also may need to remove them just to get a drink of water. By wearing a custom mouthguard, you can breathe, drink water, and talk to your team without removing your mouthguard.

Keep your winning smile long after your season is done. Contact us online or call 978-288-1946 to set up an appointment at our office in Beverly, MA soon!