You still have time to schedule a dental checkup before the end of the year.

If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to call 978-288-1946 today to plan your visit to our Beverly, MA dental office. This is true anyone, but you should especially do so if you have dental insurance.

We’ll discuss this a little more below. Just remember that routine dental care plays a vital role in your long-term oral health. And by missing a professional cleaning and exam, you are missing out on a key benefit of most insurance plans. Plus, our team at Martins Dental Partners will be happy to help you file your insurance claims, and we’ll work hard to get you the maximum benefits under your plan.

With that in mind, we hope to see you soon!

Get What You Are Paying For

If you have dental insurance through your employer, you probably know that a small amount is taken out of your paycheck every week for this benefit.

That premium payment entitles you to certain benefits. In most plans, this includes covering all or most of the cost of preventive care. In other words, you are likely paying for a dental cleaning or two every year already.

Imagine buying tickets to see your favorite team but not going to the game. Imagine buying a car, but never driving it anywhere. If you are paying for dental insurance, but you haven’t been to the dentist, then you aren’t getting what you deserve.

Brushing and floss should remain part of your oral hygiene routine, but routine checkups are important as well. No matter how disciplined you are about your daily care, you can still develop plaque and tartar buildup. A professional cleaning will remove this from your mouth, which will greatly reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum infections.

Catch Problems Early

You should get routine checkups whether or not you have insurance. By visiting us a couple of times per year, we are much more likely to spot problems in the early stages.

It may not be fair by conservative estimates are that 90 percent of people will have at least one cavity and more than 70 percent of people will develop gum disease at one time or another.

Finding decay early could be the difference between getting a filling and need a root canal. Catching a gum infection early could be the difference between scaling and root planing and possibly losing teeth. (Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States.)

For Patients Who Don’t Have Insurance

We understand that dental insurance is not a benefit provided by all employers. It’s also why we offer flexible payment options for our patients.

In addition to cash, credit cards, and checks, we also have a financing partner. This can help make needed dental procedures more affordable for you.

Don’t Lose Your Benefits or Your Smile

If you have insurance, for your sake, schedule a dental appointment so you get all your benefits for the year. You can request an appointment at Martins Dental Partners by filling out our online form or by calling 978-288-1946.