Don’t you want an artificial tooth that both looks and functions just like a real tooth?
Are you an adult dealing with tooth loss? If so, then chances are good you want a restoration that will not only look like natural teeth but will be able to restore function and strength back into your smile. Martins Dental Partners thinks you deserve just that which is why we offer dental implants.

What exactly is a dental implant?
When people realize that an implant is a small metal post the first thing they often wonder is how that will actually be able to replace a missing tooth. After all, a metal post certainly doesn’t look anything like a real tooth. Of course, the implant itself won’t be visible once it’s placed since it’s embedded into the jawbone where it will take on the role of your tooth roots.

How is a dental implant placed?
Our Board Certified Periodontist located in the heart of Beverly, MA, Dr. Valerie Martins, will place the implant into the jawbone during a simple dental procedure. Your mouth will be completely under the effects of local anesthesia so everything will be numb. This means that you won’t feel any discomfort while your implant or implants are being placed.

Once the implant is placed, the hard part is now over. Next, we just give the jawbone the time it needs to heal. Over the course of a few months, the bone will heal and grow around the implant, making it a permanent dental restoration. The implant is the most reliable and strongest foundation from which to support a false tooth and to hold it firmly in place.

Depending on the type of dental implant you get, the implant may also contain an abutment on top of it or the abutment will need to be placed later on. An abutment sits above the gums and attaches to the top of the implant. From there, a dental crown can then be placed over the abutment. The entire purpose of an abutment is to connect the implant with the dental crown.

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