Teeth affect your everyday life in more ways than most people realize. If you are missing teeth or living with loose dentures, you understand this more than most.

You can start feeling like yourself by coming to Martins Dental Partners for dental implants. Here are a few reasons you should come see us in Beverly, MA

Speak Clearly

If you have heard the song “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth,” then you know that missing teeth affect how you pronounce words. For adults, this is normally seen as cute like it is with children. Missing teeth can make you hesitant to speak. By getting dental implants, you can recreate your complete smile, so you can say what you mean to say.

Eat What You Want

Your teeth are necessary to bite and chew. Just a few missing teeth or a set of loose dentures can make it impossible to eat what you really want. By getting implants, your replacement teeth are secure and allow you to bite and chew with power again.

Skip the Adhesives

Many people with dentures decide to get implants because their dentures become looser with time. Looser dentures need more adhesive. Implants keep your dentures from moving without the need for adhesives.

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